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Philosophy and Approach

Hi! I'm Theo.

I love teaching. My parents and grandparents were teachers, and growing up I wanted to teach elementary school. I got a bit sidetracked by the violin, but teaching remains one of my favorite parts of my career.

One of the core beliefs I absorbed as a small child, and which continues to drive my teaching, is that anyone can learn to play an instrument. Every student is unique, and I enjoy learning how my students' brains work and tailoring my methods to help them learn most naturally. I trained extensively at Northwestern University and the Cleveland Institute of Music in a range of pedagogical methods, and I completed long-term teacher training for Books 1 through 4 of the Suzuki Violin and Viola Methods. I love setting up young beginners with the technique and habits that will enable a lifetime of joyful music-making, however that may unfold as they grow. I also work with advanced students through the college and conservatory level, and with adult beginners and people who are returning to the violin or viola after many years away.

Private Lessons

My top priority is to provide my students with the tools they need to succeed and have fun learning. In collaboration with the student and parents, I design a program of study to support the student's interests and circumstances. Depending on the student, I might provide an online folder with short videos and other resources to guide practice during the week, delve deeper during lessons into the theory of the music we're learning, or transcribe favorite songs that the student wants to play. I'm here to support you and your musical journey, whatever shape it may take.

I am available for in-home lessons in the greater Boston area on a limited basis. Contact me to see if I currently have room in my schedule for lessons at your home.

I am also on faculty at the All Newton Music School. Read about the school here, and reach out at any time during the semester to join my studio.

I work long-distance with advanced students as they prepare for auditions and work toward other goals. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in Zoom lessons or another form of help with a project.

Other Services

I am an experienced music theory tutor, group class instructor, and chamber music coach. I have taught technique classes to conservatory students in Colombia and Peru, led a chamber music program at a Chicago public high school, and developed a series of weekly, small-group music classes at a facility for court-involved youth in South Florida. I love designing projects and programs to suit the needs of a group. Contact me and let's talk!

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